[LMB] Ethan of Athos: The bit where Ethan's sleeping with his brother

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Does this weird anyone else out? 

Sure, they're not directly related, but in many cases Athosian families -will- be related. Having children with their partner's 'mother' seems to be a theme, and Ethan's half-brother is the half-brother of Janos's half-brother. Given Athos's limited gene pool they're probably faintly related themselves. Yet this seems to be accepted as totally normal by everyone. 

What makes this semi-fraternal relationship different from the one between Miles and Gregor? (slashers welcome to comment too!)


who cares? they're not in danger of breeding! and if they did become co-parents, the genetic stock of the ova would likely be completely different (as much as is possible with a limited resource) from either of them.

our "inbred squick factor" is so ingrained by our current mores, that we have difficulty imagining any other. yet, as I recall, both the Egyptians and Tahitians (I think, could have been a different south sea group) ensured the continuity of the ruling families by marrying brother to sister.

as any animal breeder will tell you, this is not the best plan...

No time to go into Miles/Gregor; I'm supposed to be working!



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