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> Date: 10 June 2010 19:15
> > > Somehow, and I wish I could remember where because it is not in the
> > I got the impression that there were only 20 ovarian culture lines that
> > > Founding Fathers were able to bring to Athos.
> > >
> >
> > Not in the text?  I swear it is, but since I've only read it twice and
> > listened to it 5-6 times I can't place where it is, but I'm 99% sure
> > in EoA.

The number seems about right but a search finds no "twenty".

The CJB was not the first culture to die out recently. Some sort of bell
curve, Ethan supposed; they were on the up-slope, and rising dizzily. Sixty
percent of the infants growing cozily, placentas tucked in their soft nests
of microscopic exchange tubing in the replicators downstairs, came from
just eight cultures. Next year, if his secret calculations were borne out,
it would be even worse.

Fifty different cultures promised for each Rep Center

"L. Bharaputra & Sons Biological Supply House, Jackson's Whole", the
shipping label read. "Contents: Frozen Tissue, Human, Ovarian, 50 units

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