[LMB] OT: smart people failing (was Cetagandan population...)

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Sun Jun 13 01:52:17 BST 2010

> I wish more people understood this.  It's very, very hard for me to 
> sit for any length of time without something to keep my hands busy.  
> It's not that I'm ADHD or any other combination of alphabet soup.  
> It's just that if my hands are occupied my brain works better!
> Megaera
> who doodles like crazy if not allowed any other outlet during classes 
> or lectures

I've heard it called "fiddle to focus."  Knitting is my fiddle.  If I'm 
in a meeting where the person in charge might take offense, I explain 
to him or her ahead of time.  Since I usually speak up and contribute 
more than most, it's pretty clear that I'm paying attention.

Janet in TN

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