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Sun Jun 13 14:10:32 BST 2010

> >> --- On Fri, 6/11/10, Natali wrote:
> >>
> >> Miles doesn't have to stop being Lord Vorkosigan to get Elli. All of
> >> the things he's mentally attached to the role - military service, a
> >> gorgeous stay-at-home wife, vast numbers of kids, living on Barrayar-
> >> aren't actually necessary for him to stay on the right side of
> >> Gregor. I can think of a number of scenerios in which the two of them
> >> could get along. All of them demand Miles make compromises that he's
> >> not willing to make but he's perfectly happy to demand of Elli, though.
> >
> I don't recall that who would stay at home with the kids was
> ever discussed between Miles and Elli.  Yet Tel keeps saying that he
> refused to do so, as if it was stated overtly.  So did I miss something?
>  Entwife Judy
There are definitely lots of scenarios in which Elli and Miles could have
married and both had what they wanted. Let me give just one - Miles and Elli
both continue with the Dendarii, and the kids are raised on Barrayar by
Cordelia and Aral, with their parents visiting whenever they get a break. I
think Cordelia would be perfectly happy to do this and, having Betan health,
is able to do this. Plenty of career-minded parents have just such an
arrangement. I believe Cordelia would support her daughter-in-law's career
choices absolutely. Yes, Barrayaran society would have a problem, but the
Vorkosigans have defied Barrayaran society plenty of times and they can do
so again. Eventually, Miles would settle down on Barrayar, since he has to
look after the district sooner or later, and later Elli would do so too (I
know she doesn't like dirtballs but even mercenaries have to retire
sometime, right?)

The problem was not children or Barrayar. The problem was Miles.

When Elli asked Miles if the duties of Lady Vorkosigan included ship
command, Miles said no, it was too dangerous. That was when I really got
irritated with Miles. If I were Elli I'd have exploded at that point. Lord
Vorkosigan can go gallivanting around the galaxy with his mercenaries, but
Lady Vorkosigan can't? It was Miles who wanted Elli to give up the life she
loved although it wasn't actually necessary - one would have expected his
mother's son to be more open-minded about this stuff.


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