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At 10:17 PM 6/12/2010, Paula Lieberman wrote:

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>>>If she have said yes in BiA, they would IMHO
>>>both be living on Barrayar, admiral Naismith
>>>would be not more then a liaison between the
>>>Dendariis and Barrayar, while the command over
>>>the Dendariis would go to Elena or Bel, since
>>>Tung retired. Lord Vorkosigan would perhaps
>>>take more interest in the development of the
>>>Vorkosigan district.
>>>But she could never endure that either.
>>You think Miles would resign his commission to be a stay-at-home dad? As a -lieutenant-? *g*
>I met a Colonel and her stay-at-home-minds-the-kids husband at a college dormfloor reunion three was it years ago.... the husband decided tht he would be the one resigning his commission to be a stay at home parent.
>>>Why is everybody pointing out what Elli would
>>>have lost if she would have become lady Vorkosigan?
>>>Doesn't anybody see what Miles would have lost
>>>if he would have ceased to be lord Vorkosigan?
>>Miles doesn't have to stop being Lord Vorkosigan to get Elli. All of the things he's mentally attached to the role - military service, a gorgeous stay-at-home wife, vast numbers of kids, living on Barrayar- aren't actually necessary for him to stay on the right side of Gregor. I can think of a number of scenerios in which the two of them could get along. All of them demand Miles make compromises that he's not willing to make but he's perfectly happy to demand of Elli, though.
>I hadn't really thought about this until reading your post, but I think you're right, maybe.  Elli -did- quite vociferously object to Barrayar. I wonder if she would have accepted an arrangement with Miles retiring and living on Barrayar or perhaps Sergyar, with their children, and Elli continuing her Dendarii career.... it doesn't seem all that likely to me, though, unless the Dendarii structure got changed, which also doesn't seem that likely to me. 

I think that Miles was too Vor to be able to abandon Barrayar.  Both would have had to make compromises, but evidently, Elli just flat out couldn't go groundside to be Lady Vorkosigan, and Miles could no longer perform as Admiral Naismith--but I think he also couldn't give up Barrayar, regardless.  I don't know if they ever could have had a meeting of the minds, but both seemed comfortable with the knowledge that they couldn't.

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