[LMB] General Theme Question - potential Lady Vorkosigans

Marcia mnfp73 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 22:01:48 BST 2010

According to this logic, Aral shouldn't have had children, and neither should Gregor.  Remember their ancestor Mad Emperor Yuri? And Gregor's definitely not very sane father?
Miles has ruminated on the possibility of having inherited some mental instability from Yuri.
On a lighter note, I loved the scene in BiA when Galeni accuses Miles of being schizoid and Miles says: not schizoid...  maybe a little manic depressive.

--- On Sun, 6/13/10, Judy R. Johnson <jrj at fidalgo.net> wrote:

NEW -- JRJ> Even if she were fertile, Taura would be ethical enough to not randomly pass on her genes.  I know families with inherited mental illness in which you can tell who has inherited the instability by whether or not they choose to have offspring.  ...You guessed it:  the instable breed, and the stable marry on the condition of not having children.


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