[LMB] The Admiral and Madame Naismths vs. the Lord and Lady Vorkosigans, was General Theme Question

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It's unfortunate that she didn't take the time to get to know Lord Auditor
Vorkosigan - she might have found him more agreeably Nasmith-like.

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Elli says, at least once, that she doesn't really like him as Lord
Vorkosigan.  To her, Admiral Naismith is the real one.  She conssiders
Vorkosigan dull, a pale imitation of the Admiral.  It's the Admiral she's in
love with, not Lord Vorkosigan.  So, when she's with him, she only wants him
to act like Naismith.  Even if she married Miles and they were able to leave
the kids on Barrayar and go traipsing around the nexus with the Dendarii,
she'd still have to be with him for all the times that he'd be conducting
himself as Lord Vorkosigan -- and that's one of the things she doesn't want
to have to do.


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Yes, it was. I don't ...

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