[LMB] General Theme Question - potential Lady Vorkosigans

Rebekah beckr01 at tpg.com.au
Sun Jun 13 23:29:22 BST 2010

>Quoting Jennifer Blaikie <jennifer_blaikie at hotmail.com>:
>> hey Guys,
>> I think that Taura was probably never in the running for Lady   
>> Vorkosigan as she never expected to live very long.  She has already  
>>  out-lived her siblings and was living on a year to year basis.  I   
>> have the impression that no treatment has been found for her rapid   
>> ageing and so she was not expecting to live long enough to be   
>> properly able to raise her kids and even if she could, there would   
>> be a high chance that her kids would never reach 20.
>Not to mention...would she be fertile with a "normal" human, and even  
>if she got pregnant, would the pregnancy last till birth?  Is she even  
>fertile, full-stop?

And why didn't Miles ask her this question, in Ryoval's sub-basement, before climbing aboard?  <wristslap>

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