[LMB] Want, Was: Ethan of Athos: Elli Quinn

Rebekah beckr01 at tpg.com.au
Sun Jun 13 23:51:55 BST 2010

>Quoting Marcia <mnfp73 at yahoo.com>:
>> Of course, all the little Quinns will be male...
>It just occurred to me...given Herself's fondness for "what's the  
>worst thing I can do to this character?" one thing that might happen  
>might be a bunch of the Quinnlets (Five of them, or a "Quinn-tet?")  
>heading out into the galaxy, and running across her.

Pity Ethan doesn't bethink himself to make just one woman (she could rule Athos ... depending on whether the new generation are gay because they're gay or gay because they've never known differently).

Imagine an Elli Jnr taking up with an ageing but STILL unmarried Ivan.  "No, you MAY NOT date Vorpatril!!!"  Layers ...Quinns have layers.

Want an Ivan book.  Where he gets comeuppance but also peace.  He needs to fall in love SERIOUSLY with someone who WILL NOT have him (at least initially), but it has to be in his face, not conveniently tucked away into another marriage, like Cassia.  Ivan needs to swoon to the point of bravery, if I can mix metaphors like that.  Put that idiocy to good work:)

Want more Cavilo.  Also want more Mark, and more Kareen.  Definitely more Ekaterin.  I love that we get intense bits of these people, but not the way we drop them at the end of the book.  Of course, the alternative is to keep ALL these deep characters going and going at the forefront ad infinitem ... but then you get Wheel Of Time.


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