[LMB] General Theme Question

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Sun Jun 13 23:59:32 BST 2010

On Sunday, June 13, 2010 9:37 PM Peter Granzeau wrote:

>Remember, Miles was now grounded.  He needed a spouse who could act as Lady
Vorkosigan, he couldn't go into space and marry Mrs. Naismith.  The only way
they could >marry was if she was willing to join him on Barrayar.
>Note that Cordelia had abandoned a career in space for love of a
Vorkosigan.  Elli evidently didn't share the same kind of affection for

Hmm, I don't think that is entirely fair
either. It is conditional "if you 
love me enough you would do that for me"
kind of, I don't know what, but definitely
not love. We can do only what we can endure
to do. If something is absolutely unimaginable
for us to do and maintain being ourselves, then it
is much better for all involved that we
realise that timely and not even try.
I saw marriages (with children and all) fall
apart like card castles because of such things.

We should not mix sacrifice with love, IMHO not
even put these two words in a same sentence. 
If we feel that we are making a sacrifice, than
we are losing more then we are gaining,
and that will raise it's ugly head sooner or


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