[LMB] child-minding, was General Theme Question

Claire Nollet cnollet at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 01:03:28 BST 2010

On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Zivya A <zivya_a at yahoo.com> wrote:

>if i had someone to do the daily cooking and cleaning up after dinner, and
> someone to do all the chilldren's laundry, and someone to wash the floor
> after the food fights, much of the dreaded 'child raising chores' would be
> dealt with.
> the actual process of turning a self-centered child into a decent human
> being is the most enjoyable, least difficult part of 'child-minding.'   for
> the most part.   other times, its a wonder the little tykes make it to
> adulthood without getting strangled.... ;)<

I'm an aunt and a great-aunt many times over, and was never a mom.  I got to
do stuff like help the kids dissect a dead animal we'd find.  Or teach them
how the human eye works.  Or take them to the beach or a theme park.  Or
teach them how to drive stick shift, or how to take your brassiere off
without taking off your shirt.  Or answering all the sticky sex-ed questions
they didn't want to ask mom and dad, or how to make a hangover hurt less the
next day.  You get to give them books like Tolkien that their parents don't
think they'll be ready for yet.

Mom and dad were the ones who had to figure out how to pay for college and
clothes, how to discipline the kid, how to make them eat vegetables, how to
force them to do better in school, and all the other tedious day-to-day crap
involved in raising a kid.

I highly recommend being an aunt.  You get to swoop in, all glittery and
fun, then after you've loaded them up with sugar and gotten them sunburned,
you get to drop them off with their parents.

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