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Remember the ruling committee on Athos did consider conceiving a few female
foeti and harvesting their ovaries.

Now if in a letter from Miles, or from the Dendarri visiting Barriar for the
wedding, Elli happens to hear about Donna/Dono and passes this story on to
Ethan, that might be a solution for Athos.  Conceive an XX foetus, harvest
an ovary, then do gender reassignment in the Uterine Replicator.

Never need to import another ovarian culture.
On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 6:39 PM, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Since Ethan is the only Athosian who's seen live human women, I wonder how
> long it would take other Athosians to notice if they encountered some.
> Perhaps from a survey ship coming through a new wormhole into local space or
> some such.Especially if they're the standard woman in disguise scenario,
> thin, short hair, prone to wearing baggy clothes, a gender neutral name etc.
> Or an Athosian meeting Janice, hears Janos.
> >
> >
> > Rebekah wrote:
> > > Pity Ethan doesn't bethink himself to make just one woman
> > > (she could rule Athos ... depending on whether the new
> > > generation are gay because they're gay or gay because they've
> > > never known differently).
> >
> > The Athosians regarded women as demonic beings.  It's hard
> > for me to imagine that nobody would notice "anomalies" in
> > the developing fetus or in its gene scan, and abort it.
> > If somehow it survived to being decanted, how long would
> > the infant last, and what would be done?  Lock her away in
> > isolation with Ethan until the first opportunity to deport
> > them?  Or would the Athosians simply kill the "monster"?
> >
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