[LMB] child-minding, was General Theme Question

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Mon Jun 14 17:25:17 BST 2010

On Monday, June 14, 2010 2:03 AM Claire Nollet wrote:
>I'm an aunt and a great-aunt many times over, and was never a mom.  I got
>do stuff like help the kids dissect a dead animal we'd find.  Or teach them
>how the human eye works.  Or take them to the beach or a theme park.  Or
>teach them how to drive stick shift, or how to take your brassiere off
>without taking off your shirt.  Or answering all the sticky sex-ed
>they didn't want to ask mom and dad, or how to make a hangover hurt less
>next day.  You get to give them books like Tolkien that their parents don't
>think they'll be ready for yet.
>Mom and dad were the ones who had to figure out how to pay for college and
>clothes, how to discipline the kid, how to make them eat vegetables, how to
>force them to do better in school, and all the other tedious day-to-day
>involved in raising a kid.
>I highly recommend being an aunt.  You get to swoop in, all glittery and
>fun, then after you've loaded them up with sugar and gotten them sunburned,
>you get to drop them off with their parents.

Just as grandparents.
Get the kids all hyper, unload them home
and leave the parents to deal with the mess.
So parents get to be Baba Yaga's, while aunts and 
grandparents get to be Fairy Godmothers.

I explained the concept to my kids as soon
as it was possible, so they took advantage
of the possibilities, but decently enough
respected the house rules after the glitter
was gone :) For their own good :))

whose house rules are not all that strict,
with the intent to be somewhere between a Baba Yaga
and a Fairy Godmother

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