[LMB] General Theme Question - potential Lady Vorkosigans

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Tue Jun 15 13:51:31 BST 2010

On 6/13/2010 6:29 PM, Rebekah wrote:
>> Quoting Jennifer Blaikie<jennifer_blaikie at hotmail.com>:

>> Not to mention...would she [Taura] be fertile with a "normal" human, and even
>> if she got pregnant, would the pregnancy last till birth?  Is she even
>> fertile, full-stop?
> And why didn't Miles ask her this question, in Ryoval's sub-basement, before climbing aboard?<wristslap>
> Beck

	Well, recall that Miles had just been through several near-death (or 
worse-than) experiences in the past hour, not to mention sufficient 
tidal ebbs and flows of adrenaline to fuzz anyone's thinking.

	Plus... remember Miles talking about people "falling in love with 
grave-narrow options"?  He was talking about Ser Galen, IIRC.  Well, 
Miles isn't immune to that sort of tunnel vision, but in his case it's 
usually when he gets into his manic, forward-momentum "toujours 
l'audace" mode.  Which, when he was younger, was his usual way of 
overcoming crippling fear (or overriding his self-preservation instinct, 
depending on how you look at it) and carrying through in situations 
where stopping long enough to think "what the blazes am I DOING?!?" was 
likely to get him killed.  Witness "I ran the Dagoola rig on pure 
hysteria", or even the original annexation of the Oseran Mercenaries 
into the Dendarii.  Elements of this show up in his near-disastrous 
behavior in the first half of ACC, as well.  Once Miles hits his 
critical tipping point and jumps into freefall, he pretty much stops 
asking questions related to "should I do this?" and limits himself to 
"now how do I miss the ground?"

	Thirdly... what if he *had* asked that question?  And the answer had 
been positive, or even uncertain?  At that point in time, if he had 
turned her down, he might not have survived it -- Taura was sufficiently 
traumatized to take that rejection *very* badly, even with a Darn Good 
Reason right in front of her nose.  Not to mention that, while Miles was 
making a virtue out of necessity, necessity still existed -- he was 
still in survival mode, and while he very quickly expanded "survival" to 
include both of them, he wasn't going to let anything get in the way of 
that -- secondary consequences would simply have to be dealt with later. 
  Their situation really was that desperate.

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