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> What do you think of Terrence? His situation, his talent, his choices...

I think the reason why there's not a lot of debate on Terrance's choices and actions is because he doesn't get much of a choice and his actions are limited by them.  He has no recourse *but* to flee, because after Janice's death there's nobody making life on the inside a viable option anymore.  He chooses Athos because his options are Athos, the Dendarii or the Cetagandans and he's a peaceable man and, let's be honest here, nobody joins a mercenary guild for the long-term health plan or an early, peaceful retirement.  His path is really as linear as a Final Fantasy game.  On reflection, there is nowhere else he could have gone and nothing else he could have done.  There's really nothing to debate. 
> and why do the Cetagandans never seem to receive the fannish revulsion Ryoval,
> Bharaputra, and certain members of the Quaddie project administration incite, despite
> worse crimes?
Do we hate a cobra for being a cobra, or a spider for being a spider?  I know that I don't perceive the Cetagandans as human anymore.  I don't think they're better but the haut at least are, IMHO, sufficiently different at the genetic level that they aren't human anymore.  I can hate Ryoval and Bharaputra; they're human and can be judged as human.  The Cetagandans are black widow spiders or taipans - deadly, dangerous, to be treated with extreme caution and a long stick, but not human and not to be judged as though they were.
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