[LMB] OT: intelligence (was Re: Cetagandan population)

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
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Weird is, well, one of those weird words.

I don't think it's weird to have to consciously learn to spell weird.

It's one of those fun features of the English language, where things don't fit the normal rules.

I before E except after C, except in cases of neighbor and weigh...weird doesn't make the list of exceptions, oddly enough.


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> More than that, they are just a skill that people can learn.   Just as 
> people can become good chess players, people can become good test takers.

Test-taking is like spelling.  It can be learned, but for some people it 
just comes naturally.

I've never had to study spelling (except for a few words -- I had to 
consciously learn how to spell the word "weird," for some weird reason), and 
I've never had to learn how to outfox standardized tests.  I just knew how 
from the getgo.

But I've spent most of my life not being able to live up to my test results. 
Which can be incredibly frustrating.


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