[LMB] OT: intelligence (was Re: Cetagandan population)

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Tue Jun 22 19:23:13 BST 2010

At 01:09 PM 6/22/2010, Meg Justus wrote:
>>More than that, they are just a skill that people can learn.   Just as people can become good chess players, people can become good test takers.
>Test-taking is like spelling.  It can be learned, but for some people it just comes naturally.
>I've never had to study spelling (except for a few words -- I had to consciously learn how to spell the word "weird," for some weird reason), and I've never had to learn how to outfox standardized tests.  I just knew how from the getgo.
>But I've spent most of my life not being able to live up to my test results. Which can be incredibly frustrating.

I was always a good test taker--as long as it wasn't a college exam (the kind where you have to write a short answer, or write an essay (I actually had one course in which the final exam was "What have you learned in this course?")

Anyway, the IQ type was always easy to me.  One I was given while I was job hunting was only 21 questions in 20 minutes--I finished it, and was informed when it was scored that I was the first to have actually finished the exam in the time allotted.  I got every question right, too.

And, as you, I have never been able to live up to my test results.

By the way, "weird" is one of the exceptions to the normal English rule (I before E, except after C, or pronounced as an "A", as in neighbor and weigh).  There are also exceptions for words adopted from other languages.

Regards, Pete
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