[LMB] Cetagandans (was Haut becoming Ghem)

Judy R. Johnson jrj at fidalgo.net
Wed Jun 23 04:52:12 BST 2010

On 6/22/2010 8:28 PM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> On May 27, 2010, at 3:15 PM, Howard Brazee wrote:
>> I see instances where elite societies on Earth have had similar hubris.   Without the genetic background, they knew who the "better" type of people were, and objected strongly to marriage outside of class.     It doesn't seem to be a big stretch that a society that was built up from a scientific colony to take that further.
> But please to note, not for breeding out of class, especially for the upper class  men and lower class women.
NEW -- JRJ> Primogeniture prevented unreasonable divvies of estates on 
Terra, traditionally for many cultures, but it never guaranteed that the 
first-born would be the most capable, and so was not enough by itself to 
prop up inherited power long-term, being under constant attack from the 
later-born of each generation, as a general rule.  Those societies that 
made reasonable provisions for all -- one way or another -- worked better.

Wonder if the Cetegandans might have awarded the "lion's share" of 
property and power transitions to the most able of each generation and, 
if so, how this was determined.  What did they do with the "also-ran" 

Presently, money and politics are a sort-of approximation of an attempt 
to apportion power to the most able.  ...Could stand a lot of 
improvement, though.

Nobody making decisions nowadays is scientific enough or ruthless enough 
to come close to what I'm imagining the Cetegandans might have devised.  
Mind you, I'm not advocating any such thing, just speculating on the 

Entwife Judy
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