[LMB] Marriage/breeding out of class (was Cetagandans)

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 08:46:09 BST 2010

Walter Bushell wrote:

> I see instances where elite societies on Earth have had similar hubris.
Without the genetic background, they knew who the "better" type of people
were, and objected strongly to marriage outside of class. It doesn't seem to
be a big stretch that a society that was built up from a scientific colony
to take that further.
> But please to note, not for breeding out of class, especially for the
upper class men and lower class women.

and Howard Brazee wrote:

>The breeding was a side effect of what the men were doing. You said
"especially", implying that it >was acceptable for upper class women to
breed with lower class men. Really?

I think he meant it the other way around - that upper class men breeding
with lower class women ( but very very rarely marrying them) was fairly
standard. This did not upset the status quo as such - the 'bastard' was, I
suspect, kept at his mother's social level, unless the father acknowledged


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