[LMB] Did the Gods Murder Ista's Mother?

scottwashburn at comcast.net scottwashburn at comcast.net
Fri Jun 25 01:46:54 BST 2010

I'm re-reading Paladin of Souls and a strange and chilling thought struck me. When Ista reaches Castle Porifors and Cattilara relates the story of Lord Illvin's wounding, she says that it happened about three months before. No dates are given in the story, but I'm guessing that Ista had been on her 'pilgrimage' about two weeks at that point. Allowing for travel times and mourning periods, I can guess that Ista's mother died perhaps another two weeks before that. That leaves a two month period in which Ista's mother fell off a horse, broke some bones, and then died of pneumonia. Thus, it seems quite likely that Lord Illvin was wounded BEFORE the dowager-Provincara fell off her horse. 

So, we have Illvin praying to the Bastard for help and the gods deciding that Ista should be their tool (one of their tools?) to try and help Illvin (and Arhys, too). But there was no way Ista would ever be able to leave Valenda while her mother was still alive. So, did the Bastard arrange for her horse to be startled at just the right (wrong) moment? We saw in The Curse of Chalion how the unexpected jitters of a horse could spill a gold coin that becomes instrumental in Cazaril's journey ( and he suspects that more than chance was at work there). Might the gods have ruthlessly removed an obstacle in the way of their plans? Will Ista ever come to suspect that might be the case? 

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