[LMB] COC or POS as first ever Bujold?

Becca becca_price at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 26 17:29:48 BST 2010

PoS follows directly after CoC - I imagine you could read them separately, but I think you do need to read Coc first to understand some of what goes on in PoS.


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> Subject: [LMB] COC or POS as first ever Bujold?
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> Date: Friday, June 25, 2010, 11:18 PM
> Advice please - a good friend from
> the U.K. now lives in Croatia, and picked up a copy of POS
> there, remembering my fervent recommendation. I read COC
> first, and feel it is a better intro to Chalion, but I may
> be biased (it's my favourite.)
> So, should I buy her a copy of COC & send it to her (I
> have no 'spares' at present, all lent out), or is POS a
> perfectly good place to start?
> I am leaning towards the former option. Good to know that
> English Language copies of Bujold are available over
> there... wish I saw them in bookstores in England more
> often.
> Thankyou,
> Kerry
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