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Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Sun Jun 27 19:08:25 BST 2010

Meg wrote:
> That 3-month cross-country car trip I mentioned?
> 14,000 miles.


Our just completed two-week vacation: 4,300 miles.

What is that in European terms?
	London to
	Paris to
	Almeria, Spain to
	Barcelona to
	Nice to
	Rome to
	Messina (Italy) to
	Rome to
	Venice to
	Croatia (about the middle of the sea coast) to

That's just from the middle of the U.S., not so far from Chicago to near Las
Vegas and back.

It's not so much that we USians don't travel. . .    :-)


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> Richard:
> > Americans and Canadians can be as or more travelled, by distance,
> > than most and never leave their own countries
> That 3-month cross-country car trip I mentioned?  14,000 miles.  I never
> left the U.S.  Seattle to Vermont to Florida to California, where I rolled
> my car and then flew home to Seattle.
> Megaera
> who was inspired by William Least Heat Moon's book Blue Highways
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