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Yeah well you can make that mistake in Europe too to some extent. The
wife and I drove from the Riviera to Porto which is 1000 miles the
"direct" route - which was how we returned - and more like 1500 if you
go indirectly, which was the way we went.

I think I should point out that the idea that Europeans do not drive
long distances is not entirely true. Many don't but some do as witness
the number plates from just about every country in Europe including
Russia seen on the roads of the Cote d'Azur each summer. Driving to
the Riviera from Stockholm (Sweden) is, according to Mr Google, about
2500 km (1500 miles) and it would be considerably more if you come
from Finland, Northern Sweden or Norway.

 It has been a long term plan of mine to drive some kind of great
circle around the Baltic at some point (I'll need both large amount of
money and of vacation time - neither of which I currently possess) but
I figure such a trip would probably entail driving a good 5000 miles.

Francis (writing this in Japan thanks to generous European holidays)

PS In October we'll be driving to Zagreb to run in the Zagrab Marathon
which is c. 1000km (600miles) one way

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> Europeans who've never actually travelled around in the USA tend to be under
> the misconception that the USA is geographically a lot smaller than it
> is.... I laughed uproariously at  group of European NATO military officers
> who were planning to visit someone in Texas by driving there from LA on a
> free weekend...

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