[LMB] foreign travel

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 15:13:19 BST 2010

When I was little my family drove through Europe: 45 days, under 3000 miles, 23 countries[1].  That's TWENTY THREE, no typo.  In the US 3000 miles wouldn't get you 23 states (just less than half the total) unless you worked at it.  It would barely get you from LA to Hawaii.

To sherwood with the US work practices, we had that much time because my father started his own company and built long vacations into the work plan.  He was a street-savvy kid from a smart but ignorant family (they didn't know how to navigate the US educational system to their advantage) who was got a full scholarship to Yale at 15.  He now has two Ph.Ds, two unsuccessful and one wildly successful new companies under his belt, several successful stints in government, and went from very poor to quite well off.  

Knowing what I know about European work environments (especially Italian, French, GB, and former Warsaw Pact), he could not have succeeded in Europe as he did in the US.  He didn't have the connections to do it in Western Europe and won't play dirty (the cause of one of the company's failure) so wouldn't've succeeded in former communist Europe.

I don't think a discussion of work, vacation, and life practices constitutes a discussion of US politics.  And if it gets contention, well, that's what pizza is for.

- Harimad

[1] It was 17 countries at the time.  We hit all of Yugoslavia, both Germanies, three Soviet republics, Slovakia but not Czech.


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