[LMB] foreign travel now OT:

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Mon Jun 28 18:13:25 BST 2010

> Not really. If you get the cable package I do, there are multiple 
> world-lingual channels, as well as plenty of world travel, sports, and 
> misc TV (I used to love watching Mito Komon on Sunday nights).

Yes, but that sort of world news has to be sought out (and paid for -- those 
cable packages aren't cheap).  I don't think that counts.

> The other thing that is not immediately evident is the depth and breadth 
> of immigrant communities here. On any non-winter day here I can attend a 
> Greek, German, Polish, Austrian, Scottish, or other ethnic festival; I can 
> also go to a Russian, Korean, Chinese, Palestinian, Persian, Armenian or 
> Japanese grocer within 5 miles of my home. Most of these communities have 
> churches and/or newspapers that keep up with the "Old World" and the New. 
> Not to mention all the military members who bring home foreign brides 
> (frex, my neighbor).

That depends on where you live.  IIRC, Alex, you live in Washington, D.C., 
so you're spoiled for festivals.  Large cities tend to have more of them. 
More suburban, or rural areas tend to have one or two if they have one at 
all.  The small town in Montana that I used to live in had Nordic Fest, for 
instance.  Oh, and Logger Days, but that wasn't ethnic <g>.


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