[LMB] Leave and Foreign Travel now OT:

Jacki Knight jacki at knightech.com.au
Tue Jun 29 23:57:36 BST 2010

> James wrote about one of his trips:
>> Must have been about 3,500 miles altogether,
>> and I know plenty of people who consider
>> similar trips as normal.
On 28/06/2010, at 7:27 PM, Ed Burkhead wrote:
> Aye, there's the difference.
> That, to you, is foreign travel.
> For us in the US, it's local.

As it is for us in Australia.  That's roughly the distance between  
Sydney and Perth.  We semi-regularly drive the 1300km from Canberra  
to Adelaide to visit my relatives (not that regularly - there's a  
reason we live this far away after all!!).  Australia also is one  
country in one continent, it is also roughly the size of the  
contiguous United States so we understand all about long distances  
thank you <G>.

I notice none of the other Aussies have mentioned Long Service Leave  
- this is a statutory requirement that if you have worked for one  
employer for 10 years then you get 3 months (actual detail depends on  
which state's laws you come under) fully paid leave.  Then every 3  
years after that they have to give you another month, also fully  
paid.  Some industries have formed organisations where you can accrue  
your leave even though you change employers frequently (construction  
industry comes to mind).  This works by the employer paying 1% of all  
the wages into a fund every quarter.  If you move to another company  
then they pay for you.  At the end of your 10 years you apply to the  
board for your pay during your leave period and the individual  
employer doesn't have to pay you during that time (this also means  
that the employer doesn't have to carry the leave liability in their  
books either).

And of course, paid parental leave.  Maternity leave in most  
organisations is 6 weeks fully paid and up to 2 years unpaid.  The  
Government is in the process of instituting a 12 week scheme which  
they are paying for (we hope!).  When I worked for the Commonwealth  
Bank we got 12 weeks paid and we could also access any unused sick  
leave we had accrued (sick leave is a statutory 10 days per year) and  
could take that in conjunction with our maternity leave - and at half  
pay if we chose to make it last longer. We were saving up for kids so  
when I left the bank in 1994 I had almost 6 months of accrued sick  
leave available to me after 16 years with them (should have gone on  
stress leave and used it up before leaving!!).

So I guess we have it good compared to you guys.

Jacki in Canberra

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