[LMB] ISO Paladin of Souls talking points

Hilary Powers hilary at powersedit.com
Wed Jun 30 17:39:08 BST 2010

Becca wrote:
> I've been in correspondence with a High School English teacher, who
> was looking for books for his class. He was specifically looking for
> Hero's Journey kind of books, so I recommended Paladin (but warned
> him that it's a sequel to Challion).
> What I told him is that PoS subverts the usual Hero's Journey trope
> with a middle-aged widow as the heroine. ... 

> Other than being a Heroine's Journey, what are good points I should
> mention to him as being worthy of being read for a class?

Well, there's always 

Herself discussing exactly those points, which would be useful if the 
teacher sets aside the age thing....

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