[LMB] ACC: Cordelia

Anne Trotter literate.wench at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 10:50:57 GMT 2010

> I meant just for Mark in that episode.  I have no doubt at all that Kareen
> would have gone to Cordelia for help or that Cordelia would have intervened
> anyway for Kareen if that episode hadn't happend. I just think as long
> standing friends that they didnt deserve to have their past thrown up at
> them in that way - that it could have been done in a more compassionate,
> reasonable way.  Kou was wrong but he's not an idiot or a monster - just a
> typical overprotective father who needed his eyes opened.  I just didn't
> like the manner of it. Just my opinion n all that etc :)
> Take care
> Riz
I'm curious. I was impressed with her tactful method of opening Kou's eyes
to the situation, but then, I'm not the most subtle of people. How would you
have handled it?


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