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?I'm curious. I was impressed with her tactful method of opening Kou's eyes
>to the situation, but then, I'm not the most subtle of people. How would you
?have handled it?


badly probably:p - let me think - maybe talk to Kareen and Mark first to see where they stand then talk to Kou and Drou, then bring them all together.
I would have found Cordelia less merciless to her friends if she had used the sofa thing without Kareen and Mark, discussed the issues involved and then brought Kareen and Mark into the room. I think it would have still have had the same effect ( a jolted memory like that is still going to be raw enough without Kareen being there initially and also to make the point discussed) I wish she had acknowledged or had more compassion for the fact that these were Kou and Drou's unpleasant memories and that their concerns deserved to be heard - they maybe wrong but they deserved to be heard with respect. I did feel that she was looking down on them both from a very great height.  I also didnt like the way she barked at Kou and Drou as if they were children (although it may have been just at Kou - I have no idea where my ACC is!!) when they looked they were going to bolt.
I'm aware Im fighting against the tide on this one but but such is fictional life!  Everyone sees it all differently :)

Better go see to my nieces who are demolishing the place!!!

take care

Riz  (who has finally signed up to that writers course - woohoo!! *cough* )


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