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> Suzette Haden Elgin is writing a new book and it's going, er, differently 
> for her.  She can't write an outline and she's not sure where it's going. 
> This is not only unusual for her, it's unprecedented.  She finds it 
> unnerving at the very least and doesn't like it at all.  "My standard 
> position is that I'm supposed to be the one in charge of that, not the 
> cottonpicking book."  The contrast with Lois's methodology is so strong 
> and so fascinating that I'm totally hooked on the thread.  I recommend it: 
> http://ozarque.livejournal.com/629003.html.

Hmm, I should go follow that link!
> I've been looking for new fiction to read since my kidlets' needs 
> generally don't allow me to read my usual - challenging nonfiction.  I 
> think I'll read a whole lot more Elgin, I've only read the Native Tongue 
> trilogy, so I can compare with Bujold and see how this book compares with 
> others.

Most Eglin has been years out of print, I suspect... I can't even remembe 
titles, other than the Ozark Trilogy -- Twelve Fair Kingdoms, The Grand 
Jubilee, And Then There'll Be Fireworks. 

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