[LMB] OT: Othello and female age

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Sat May 1 06:05:49 BST 2010

[LMB] OT: Othello and female age
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Sat May 1 04:07:16 BST 2010

John Lennard <john.c.lennard at gmail.com> wrote:


As of yet, we have no significant evidence of African-descended 
residents of Barrayar, but given that one of the colonizing societies 
was Britain, I'd expect some.  A Barrayaran production of Othello, 
therefore, may use one of them; otherwise, I'd expect the Greeks to 

I can see both ToI and non-ToI settings.

Dan, ad nauseam

***  I have long figured the founder population of Barrayar was up to 
about 20% what we would construct as non-white, various, which after 700 
years is why the average Barrayaran post-ToI has a rather Mediterranean 
cast.  There really hasn't been any place to mention this in-text, as 
30th C. Nexus-diaspora humans don't think like 20th C. Earth-bound ones 
on ethnic issues, all without exception being post-colonials; they have 
their own issues, of course.

     Heaven knows how all this is playing out back on Old Earth.  
Presumably, people will still be arguing and jockeying for status over 
something, even if they have to make it up themselves -- religion, 
sports, whatever...  The Greens and the Blues back in Byzantium would, 
as I understand it, have put the worst modern football mobs to shame.  
Group identity, its uses and hazards, seems to be something built in to 
the human psyche; I expect even the Betans haven't been able to 
eradicate it.

    Ta, L.


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