[LMB] More thoughts caused by re-reading A Civil Affair

Leanne Martin leanne_martinau at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 1 00:50:12 GMT 2010

G'day all,

Whilst reading A Civil Affair again I was caused to ponder the Vorkosigan Honour 
ethic after Miles dismissed the extradition of the Escobarans and ordered them 
out of Vorkosigan House.

I must say that it spoiled my internal image of Miles' mantra of "Reputation is 
how others see you. Honour is how you see yourself." (I hope I remembered it 
correctly...) I guess I really expected him to broker a more equitable solution 
after all the Escobaran financiers were in no way criminal in their funding. 
Surely as a matter of ethics the Enrique/Vorkosigan/et al business venture must 
make good to those investors dudded on Escobar given:
            Escobaran funds paid for the research from which the 
Enrique/Vorkosigan/et al business venture is reaping the benefits;
            Mark and Enrique removed all that research material when they 
            There was nothing to suggest the backers were criminal and 
'deserved' dudding;
            The Escobarans had done everything proper in Barrayaran law to 
retrieve Enrique;
            Miles, in perusing the legal paperwork, only seemed to weigh it 
against how his life might be affected if he acquiesced either way.



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