[LMB] Dag as a name: I was wondering what "daggy" means when applied to clothing.

Leanne Martin leanne_martinau at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 1 01:28:13 GMT 2010

G'day again all,

"Daggy" when applied to clothing means someone is dressed unfashionably, nerdily 
or out of sync with current fashion.
For example some retro clothing from the 80s is now 'daggily cool' compared to 
those that are retro cool. No, it doesn't mean the wearer has sheep poo stuck 
around the bum of their clothing.


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Quoting Leanne Martin <leanne_martinau at yahoo.com.au>:

> G'day all,
> The name 'Dag' always raised an undergraduate chortle for us here  
> downunder as
> it is also the name of a ball of sheep poo stuck in the wool of a sheep's
> bum....
> Cheers,
> Leanne.
I was wondering what "daggy" means when applied to clothing.  I was  
reading an online story written by an Antipodean where a girl referred  
to her "daggy" school uniform unhappily.  I thought that she was  
saying that it made her look like a lesbian.  (One US slang word for a  
very masculine lesbian is "bull-dagger.")


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