[LMB] Democracy (WAS OT: Feudal Nonsense)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Mon Nov 1 08:40:14 GMT 2010

Paula tells us that I do not live in a democracy:-

 >The USA is a democracy, but lots of other
 >countries aren't - Britain is still a
 >monarchy, Spain went from a dictatorship
 >back to a monarchy, multiple other European
 >countries are still monarchies....

All the surviving European monarchies are
constitutional monarchies where the Chief
Executive and the Assembly ("Prime Minister"
and "Parliament") are elected (directly or
indirectly) but the position of Head of State
is hereditary.

Feels like a Democracy to me.

James - who approves of constitutional monarchs -
they take the pressure off the CEO

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