[LMB] (Supposed) feudal nonsense

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Mon Nov 1 14:02:14 GMT 2010

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
> On Oct 31, 2010, at 12:31 AM, Gwynne Powell wrote:
>> Democracy?  It's good in some ways - ALL the above are good in some
>> ways.  And in some ways each system is a total disaster.  There have
>> been times when democracy is brilliant, ways in which it excels all other
>> systems. And ways in which it is a total failure. There've been great
>> leaders and some brutal, incompetent, venal, corrupt, useless, selfish,
>> self-serving morons.  (Remember, it doesn't matter who you vote for,
>> a politician will win.)
> We usually judge a leader who survived a war as great, but the leader that avoided the war gets forgotten.

Yep - Prime Minister Chamberlain is perhaps best left forgotten... oh,
wait, he didn't really avoid that war, did he?

Actually there is very good evidence that the appeasement was a
significant factor in winning the war, by delaying it long enough that
Britain could get it's military feet under itself. They weren't
anywhere near ready to go toe-to-toe with the Germans that early.

Jeff Shultz
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