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> On 11/1/2010 8:24 AM, Katherine Collett wrote:
>>> Bill for William, Dick for Richard, Peg for Margaret... Anglophones
>>> >  have no business whatsoever considering shortened names in other
>>> >  languages weird.;)
>> Also, in the even weirder department, Daisy for Margaret, Polly for Mary
>> ... are there others?
> I've read that some of these were designed to fit old names into a 
> requirement to be "Christian".   But I've seen a lot of British and Aussie 
> abbreviated words that made no sense to me.
> In Spanish, Jaime (Jimmy) is short for Diego.


 The -original- name is actually Ya'akov when transliterated.  That wound up 
becoming Jacob  and also somehow James in English, Iago in some other 
language, Iacopo in Italian or some such....  Iago to Diego is not a big 
change, prepend a D...

Note that there was the "Jacobian" rebellion in Great Britain with the 
proponents of the descendants of King James versus the proponents of those 
supporting Hanoverians. 

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