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Gwhillon ==> Guillaume ==> William ==> Will ==> Bill

Robert ==> Rob/Robby  ==> Bob/Bobby

Richardt ==> Richard ==> Rick/Ricky ==> Dick/Dickie

Marguerite ==> Margaret ==> Marge/Margie ==> Meg, Maggie ==> Peg, Peggy

Anna, Hannah, Nan, Nanette, and Nancy are also relative of Anke...

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>> Your answer seems to be saying it is a nickname because it is a nickname.
> That's often how it works? Different languages lead to different
> softer/diminutive names - and coming from a Cyrillic background, some
> English-based nicknames make little sense to me (Bob for Robert is the
> first one I remember confusing me, but even Jack for John has some of
> that).

Bill for William, Dick for Richard, Peg for Margaret... Anglophones
have no business whatsoever considering shortened names in other
languages weird. ;)

Anke, whose name in other languages would be Ännchen, Annie, Anja,
Antje, Anneke, Annika, Annette, Anita, Annukka, Anouk...

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