[LMB] On the recent pizza call: what to include? (ListBiz)

Stacey Hill stacey at xtra.co.nz
Mon Nov 1 23:49:22 GMT 2010

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From: Nikohl K. <nikohl11 at yahoo.com>

I feel like a blanket pizza call would be potentially stifling legitimate 
discussion of LMB works, which strikes me as overkill. The feudal nonsense 
thread keeps coming back on-topic, with pertinent, thoughtful postings on 
Barrayar/feudalism. Seems inappropriate to quash it, at least in its on-topic 
elements. *snip*

Fair enough point, but its also getting political in that there is a lot of 
modern day politix being discussed and most of it seems to be from a USian POV. 

No probs with keeping it relevant to the topic, and not personal.


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