[LMB] META: US politics invocation

Damien Sullivan phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu
Tue Nov 2 11:18:55 GMT 2010

So, "pizza" got called on the "definitions of democracy" thread, or
maybe the much larger "feudal nonsense" thread of which it was a child, on
alleged grounds of US politics.  This seemed odd to me, as I didn't
remember any.  As it happens, I have the past several days of posts all
saved up, so I went back for a skim-through.  As I thought I remembered,
most of the feudal thread and its children veer between on-topic
discussion of Barrayar, Cordelia et al. and abstract discussion of
democracy vs.  alternatives, with a recent sideline in whether European
constitutional monarchies with democratic governments qualify as
democracies.  There have been minor invocations of UK history (Thatcher)
and Australian politics (recent government shutdown.)  And that's it.
Certainly no discussion of actual current US politics, politicians, or
hot issues.

Now, maybe I'm a fish in water and my eyes passed blindly over
something.  But I think that if you're going to call US politics pizza
on a mostly Nexus-topic thread, it behooves you to point out the
specific offenses.  I hope that "democracy" hasn't suddenly become part
of "US politics", that seems rather unfair to the rest of y'all.  Or
does arguing vehemently about the politics even of fictional worlds get
perceived as essentially American?

-xx- Damien X-) 

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