[LMB] META: US politics invocation

Stacey Hill stacey at xtra.co.nz
Tue Nov 2 20:15:14 GMT 2010

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From: Trialia Xua <trialia at gmail.com>

The problem is not specifically the US politics, but that the US political
people on here, or at least one of them, was getting markedly offensive
about democracies outside of the US and how those are viewed, and I reckon
that more than merits a pizza call. Before heads start getting torn off.

Yes the above is an excellent summary of why I called a Pizza call - the 
discussion was getting quite political in tone, not necessarily about US 
politix, but I was getting the feeling that opinions were very strongly coloured 
by said subject (as an outsider)

And to be honest, it was getting inflammatory and annoying.  All good reasons to 
call Pizza as far as Im aware?

By all means carry on with reasoned on topic discussion.  Perhaps to stop 
confusion change the subject lines?


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