[LMB] the ten best Bujold characters

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Wed Nov 3 02:58:15 GMT 2010

I felt an urge to list my ten favourite Bujold characters, and why. In order.  So here you are:

10. Roic - because he's Jerott to Miles' Lymond
9. Byerly - because he doesn't fit the mould
8. Ges Vorrutyer - because he is a master manipulator
7. Bothari - because there is so much food for thought there
6. Ivan - because he slips under everyone's radar, and makes an art of it
5. Ekaterin Vorkosigan - calm, centred gardener who can weather the storm
4. Piotr Vorkosigan - because he's a proud, stubborn fighter who can still change
3. Miles Vorkosigan - brilliant, funny, moving, hyperactive git with inspirational forward momentum
2. Cordelia Naismith - she's what I aspire to become
1. Aral Vorkosigan -  because I identify with him most


reserving the right to change her mind later

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