[LMB] A question about Barrayar

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Wed Nov 3 03:53:54 GMT 2010

I think that the lack of uterine replicators during Shards and Barryar, 
and travel off Barryar, has more to with money than ideology or the 
emperor's banning off-world travel.  What resources Barryar had that 
generated Nexus-denominated cash probably went to importing basic 
technology, military hardware, and more general medical 
knowledge/technology.  Komarr had foreign exchange, but this was just a 
few years after they were conquered, and I expect the Barryaran 
government used whatever they could grab/tax.

Was there commercial service to Komarr?  Then one would have to book 
passage to Beta or Escobar or wherever.   How expensive was it by 
Barryaran standards?  What was the exchange rate between Barryaran and 
Betan marks?  Someone would have to be VERY wealthy by Barryaran 
standards AND want to travel.

I can think of a lot of higher medical priorities than uterine 
replicators, particularly to a culture that did not expect 100% perfect 
pregnancy outcomes.  Why spend so much for technology and technicians 
to do what most women could do without needing all that, when there 
were so many other unmet needs -- look at Silvy Vale around two decades 

How many people today in sub-Saharan Africa have access to in-vitro 
fertilization? Their governments don't forbid it, or knowledge of it, 
but economics does.

Janet in TN

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