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Quoting Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>:

> --- On Tue, 11/2/10, Whit Johnstone <whitinohio at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I get the impression from the books
>> that while Barryaran doctors may have
>> known ABOUT uterine replicators since they emerged from the
>> Time of Isolation, they had not actually gotten their hands on a
>> working model until the Escobarans delivered a set to them during
>> Shards of Honor.
> Strikes me that it may have been an economic problem.  Recovering   
> from civil wars, living at a far lower standard of living than   
> Escobar or Komarr or Beta Colony... they could afford neither the   
> technology to build replicators nor the expertise to run them.    
> Surely it would have seemed like an unnecessary luxury, when people   
> can have babies the old way - and women weren't making the decisions.
> Plus, fear of mutants.
> Probably fear also of off-world technology.  Stuff they'd never seen  
>  or experienced.  Not just mutancy, but the distaste of foreign   
> customs when they saw planets where people had meddled with   
> reproduction - planets like Jackson's Whole and Cetaganda.

Not to mention, fear that if they become dependent on these machines,  
those who run them will end up running the show.

That said---why do you all assume that *women* would necessarily be  
all in favor of uterine replicators?  I was talking about this very  
subject once (around the time that _Mirror Dance_ came out, IIRC) with  
a friend of mine who'd had some spectacular problems having her last  
baby---and she told me that if she decided to reproduce again, she  
wouldn't want to use a uterine replicator even _after_ the troubles  
she had (pre-eclampsia, and then a good-sized stroke---LOONG story).

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I'm not terribly  
interested in having children, even if it were a possibility, but if I  
had a partner who wanted to, and replicators were available, I'd be  
pushing them, HARD.  I don't only _look_ a lot like Mark Vorkosigan, I  
often can _think like_ him (the late Azalais and I are the only  
Jacksonians on this heavily Barrayaran and Betan list, IIRC) and I  
agreed with him completely in his horrified reaction to the idea of  
_Kareen_ having babies by the body-birth method..."some barbarian  
needed to have his head shoved under water.  And held there.  Until he  
stopped wriggling."

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