[LMB] Pizza (List Admin)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Wed Nov 3 07:13:09 GMT 2010

I feel I must clarify in response to:-

>Since pizza had been called (but) other people had kept
>on posting on the topic, I assumed it was still open.

Many people receive the list as digests, and many (all?)
of us get behind in our reading given the huge volume of
list mail just now.

So posts arrive which are responses to much earlier,
rather than current, ones. Sorta like time travel.

Posts arriving after a Pizza! call are merely evidence
that some (many?) of us have not caught up with the
volume of list mail.

Etiquette requires that once I have seen a supported
Pizza! call I should not post - but should assume that
any posts which may arrive after it were sent by people
who were having trouble keeping up and had not yet seen
the Pizza! call.

James - the quote pixie who WILL chip in on other issues too 

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