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Mark didn't intend to defraud the investors - he genuinely believed that 
he'd paid for Bourgos (Jacksonian, remember - on Jackson's Whole it 
would have been normal practice.)  When his error was explained he 
was prepared to pay more.  He just couldn't see the point of putting a 
perfectly good scientist in prison instead of making money out of him.

And I don't know how sure the Escobarans were of their right to take 
Enrique - they were careful to turn up when the Count and Countess 
were out, and refused to stay to discuss it with them.  They were trying 
hard to get Enrique out of there before anyone in authority turned up.

Miles sent them off to go and get the proper authority - if they'd turned 
up with all the right papers and clear legality on their side I don't think 

he'd have stopped them.

And don't you love the way Barrayar has elevated paperwork to an art 
form AND a weapon?  It was the same on Beta in TWA, they have a perfect 
system to totally delay, confuse, exhaust and misdirect.  Of course, most 
governments manage that without making it an official policy.

JRJ - NEW>  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression is that 
there IS no right-papers possibility; a Count's Residence is immune to a 
search warrant and all like that.  Maybe one personally signed by Gregor?  
The, er, bounty hunters were just plain wrong.  And they seemed to know 

I do heartily agree that it makes no sense to imprison a perfectly good 
scientist.  Or, at any rate, to make him break rocks or whatever.  Somebody 
should worldbuild a society where Enrique would be provided with a lab in 
prison and directed to work at something in his field that the gov't wants. 
 The plot could include some ingenious jailbreak possibilities, and then, 
having escaped to sanctuary with the Duronas, Enrique finishes the project 
and sends it to the gov't, so there!

But in this case it's probably good enough that the investors were paid 
back, plus interest and profit.

Entwife Judy
Before breakfast, so that's the best I can do.

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