[LMB] More thoughts caused by re-reading A Civil Affair

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...Well greased, too.

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Quoting Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>:

> Mark didn't intend to defraud the investors - he genuinely believed that
> he'd paid for Bourgos (Jacksonian, remember - on Jackson's Whole it
> would have been normal practice.)  When his error was explained he
> was prepared to pay more.  He just couldn't see the point of putting a
> perfectly good scientist in prison instead of making money out of him.
> And I don't know how sure the Escobarans were of their right to take
> Enrique - they were careful to turn up when the Count and Countess
> were out, and refused to stay to discuss it with them.  They were trying
> hard to get Enrique out of there before anyone in authority turned up.
> Miles sent them off to go and get the proper authority - if they'd 
> up with all the right papers and clear legality on their side I don't 
> he'd have stopped them.
> And don't you love the way Barrayar has elevated paperwork to an art
> form AND a weapon?  It was the same on Beta in TWA, they have a perfect
> system to totally delay, confuse, exhaust and misdirect.  Of course, 
> governments manage that without making it an official policy.
> Gwynne

Can you imagine the consequences if those Escobaran idiots had made  
the Very Serious Mistake of manhandling or smacking Miles?  They could  
have, as worked-up as they were...and THAT would have landed them  
right in the soup but good.

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