[LMB] Sergyar government, was Cordelia's Honour

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Uh-oh, anyone want to join me diving down into a/  r/a/b/b/i/t  h/o/l/e/  a 

deepdug security bunker to avoid the fallot of Royce's response to me??!!! 

I'm feeling a bit like the description Mark was thinking regarding finding 
nice safe secure place to HIDE!!!!!

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> ... Lois is
> frontloading a LOT of assumptions into the Barrayaran system of 
> and not explaning them at all. But clearly they include a free press,
> freedom of galactic information access, freedom of travel both on 
> and offworld (both to Komarr and Sergyar as well as The Nexus), .....

> in short, Barrayar is the United States of America with Gregor as 
> President
> for Life and the Council of Counts as Congress for Life. ...
> just his .02 mark's worth royce
> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 10:44 PM, Paula Lieberman <paal at gis.net> wrote:
>> Sergyar is part of the Barrayaran Empire.  It seems to me that it would 

>> be
>> a dangerous thing to put a democratically elected legislature in 
>> for -one-
>> part of a monarchy's jurisdiction while have all-powerful Counts and 
>> Emperor
>> governance in the main home planetary systems--it not only might cause
>> disruption back on the home front, but the colonists could get the idea 

>> that
>> colonies often get of "We would be MUCH better off if we had self-rule 
>> and
>> NOT governors sent by a king/emperor far away...."

JRJ - NEW> I love the Brit saying, "Try it out on the dog," with regard to 
fridge food that might have gone bad, or an experimental recipe.  Sergyar 
could serve as the dog to try out constitutionalism, carefully monitored.  
Mainly, the colonists would be unlikely to revolt unless they felt they 
were being unfairly used, so "keep 'em happy" is my motto.  Free land and 
gummit help to get started is all most immigrants would dream of and, given 
it, they'd be too busy "making their pile" to cause trouble.  

Their grandchildren, however, would bear watching, and that's why the 
experiment in constitutionalism, so that by that time people would feel 
that they had enough control to prevent abuse, or could point to each other 
as the cause of such abuse, rather than the Imperium.  Ever notice that 
it's not the really starving who revolt (a riot or two is all they have 
energy for, and only when incited), it's the educated upper middle classes 
and younger sons of aristocratic outliers that can plan and carry through a 

But I don't see that you need a fallout shelter.  We're all conscious of 
pizza just now, and we'll be good.

Entwife Judy

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