[LMB] A question about Barrayar

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Nov 3 14:23:38 GMT 2010

On 11/3/2010 8:06 AM, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> --- On Wed, 11/3/10, mtraber251<mtraber251 at earthlink.net>  wrote:
>> I find the reception of replicators baffling myself. I
>> would *think* that anything to make reproduction easier and
>> safer should get a great reception.
> First you would have to believe that it made the pregnancy safer - for both mother and child.  That's a stretch. (Which is to say, I can easily believe it would make things safer and better for the parent. Not so sure about the child.  This is just a 'suspension of disbelief' item for me; I can accept it within the context of the books, not so much for real life.)
People have a bunch of risky behavior that could be eliminated with 
replicators.   Behavior such as traveling, eating, & drinking.   People 
aren't monitored for correct balance of hormones, food, etc.

>> Especially if you
>> combine it with DNA screening to eliminate any birth defects
>> and really nasty recessives that can pop up randomly in
>> people. [Referring to current terrestrial matters though it
>> does also go for Barrayar and it's history of mutie-fears.]
> I would think that on Barrayar, anything that involved a combination of childbirth and technology would smack of Cetagandan reproductive technology and would therefore be (a) horrifying and (b) unsafe.

I don't think that would be the cause.   I expect in Barrayar, they 
tried whatever they could to make childbearing safe - but early attempts 
failed, bringing about a cultural horror of the technology.    Even 
physicians thought it was dangerous - in a society that was paranoid 
about infant defects.

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