[LMB] The Barrayaran Girl Dearth in real life

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Wed Nov 3 20:01:00 GMT 2010

> Restoring gender equilibrium in China
> Tyler Cowen
> The real estate bubble is helping out:
> Internet chat groups have sprang up where  women exchange 
> advice on how to conceive girls.
> Rising property prices are driving the
> change, which is expected to be confirmed by China’s 
> once-a-decade census that started on Monday, because Chinese 
> families must traditionally buy a flat for a son before he can marry.
> “My husband and I don’t earn much and I can’t imagine how we 
> can buy a flat for a son,” says Zhang Aiqin of Pujiang in 
> Zhejiang province.
> “And it is not only a flat,” says Zhang Yun, a Shanxi 
> province native who lives in Shanghai, alluding to the cost 
> of educating and marrying off a boy. “Sons bring economic 
> pressure ... [but] ‘a daughter is a warm jacket for a mother’ 
> when she is old,” she says, quoting an ancient Chinese idiom 
> to illustrate the fact that many urbanised Chinese think 
> daughters are better caregivers.  
That's interesting.  I had a Chinese-Uruguayan friend (living in the US) who said "Now I have my social security!" when his son was born.


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