[LMB] On the recent pizza call: what to include? (ListBiz)

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Wed Nov 3 22:01:48 GMT 2010

On Wednesday, November 03, 2010 7:22 AM Elin B wrote:

>Natali wrote:
>> And I deleted all three of my
>> prepared posts on the
>> said two threads because of the pizza call, just to
>> see that nobody else who was posting on these threads
>> prior to the pizza call respects it. 
>I was the one who started the "OT: Definitions of democracy" thread, and in
retrospect I realise I was skirting too close to list rules infringement,
though I >didn't see it at the time - in defending my own country's status
as a democracy, I briefly touched on the constitutional make-up of the US as
>I wasn't particularly upset or anything, and I hope I didn't come across as
vehement; but perhaps I did.
>In my defence I did immediately stop posting once I saw the first pizza
call, though.
>Elin B

Well, I might have missed one or two
who did respect the pizza call, as you
were, but please do not take it against
me, it is difficult to remember every
post with a daily rate of over a hundred
(yay, productive list)
Also I seize the opportunity to apologize 
to all who felt falsely accused by my post,
it was absolutely written with amusement, 
not resentment. 
It is sometimes hard to stop answering to
other people answers to our own posts (says
she, who sometimes feels the urge to grow 
animadverting elbows *g), not to mention
that it might even seem rude.
And there is also the problem of
catching up with this list, and actually
seeing the pizza call. God forbid
I do not check my mail for a day...

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